2013 Lehigh Valley Airshow

29 Aug Posted by in Photography | Comments Off on 2013 Lehigh Valley Airshow

We attended the 2013 Lehigh Valley Airshow on Saturday, August 14th at the Lehigh Valley International Airport.  It was a very nice event, and the weather was beautiful although the sun was extremely hot with little access to shade. The attendance for the weekend was estimated at over 40,000, but you can tell on Saturday they clearly did not expect the number of attendees that showed up.  We arrive right before 10:00 AM, so we didn’t have any issues with traffic or parking, but the complaints were numerous and loud on social media about the remote parking lot shuttle rides taking over an hour and leaving the event taking well over an hour.  We did leave about 30 minutes before the end of the show, and we were able to drive right out without a problem. To our surprise, there were still people coming into the event when we were leaving. Some of the problem was the pure number of attendees, and some of it was the TSA Security procedures (or security theatre depending on your point of view) that included pat downs, bag inspections, and requiring the shuttles to have an official escort vehicle.  The event did not allow you to bring your own beverages or food, which is not all the uncommon at events like this. However, there were a limited number of vendors and people were waiting in line over 45 minutes only to get warm water, or told they were out of water. Not a good situation in August, and they were lucky it was not a typical 95 degree and high humidity day or it could have become a huge public safety issue.  It seems they took some action for Sunday to improve the situation, and they’ve stated they will make additional changes for future events.  Those problems aside, the show was fantastic and we really had an enjoyable time.

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