Husted Visuals


Husted VisualsPhotography and complete enhancement services including restoration, retouching, repair, manipulation, colorization, and custom editing.

Husted Visuals is dedicated to maintaining pace with new technologies in digital photography, imaging, and post processing. We utilize the latest high-quality digital cameras to capture our images. We then employ the finest professional print houses to produce our studio quality prints and products. All of our images and prints are produced to meet high end archival standards. Our studio contains high end workstations utilizing Adobe Suite software including Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro and After Effects . We also use other software packages such as Painter X to perform specific and customized editing techniques. All of our client’s images are backed up and protected with redundant storage. Clients will have access to initial and final edits of their images via private galleries on our website which utilizes